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Together We Can

COVID 19 (Novel Coronavirus) Alert

Hello everyone.  As the COVID 19 virus gets worse, please consider lending a hand to those people whose jobs we depend on for things to continue functioning.  Mail carriers, grocery store workers, truckers, police, firemen, government officials, etc.... They will need our help now more than ever especially considering the schools are closed and they need childcare.  Please also think of creative ways of how we can support our hospital workers in this critical time.  We honor our police, firemen, and military as heros.  Well, in this crisis the ones on the frontlines are all medical personnel and others who work in the hospitals: janitors, food service workers, etc...  Think of ways we can help them safely.  If you have ideas, feel free to message me as I am trying to think of how best to support these people now.  Childcare is one thing I know they will all need help with.  Perhaps also delivering a cooked meal.  They are going to be working long hard hours and risking their own exposure during all of this; I doubt they are going to have the energy to cook a home-cooked meal when they get home.   Thanks in advance!  - Together We Can!