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Together We Can

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Hello and welcome to The Together We Can - Newburgh Time Bank! 

The Together We Can - Newburgh Timebank was created to encourage service to others within the Newburgh community.  Remember when if you needed help with something a friendly neighbor would come forward and help?  For many of us, the answer to that question is no.  In today's society with rapid consumerism, technology, and increasing financial pressures, oftentimes we as individuals are only focused on what effects us personally and those that are close to us; we walk past the homeless, shake our head at the trash on the street but don't stop to pick it up, see someone struggling with groceries but don't offer to help even though it would only take a minute or two.  The cold shoulder of society is often shrugged our way and, in turn, people oftentimes take the same attitude.  What many of us fail to realize is that if we are going to see a more welcoming and inclusive neighborhood, society, etc... in our lifetime, the change has to begin with us.  Indifference and animosity are often contagious; ever dealt with an aggressive driver that ticked you off and then made you drive more aggressively?  Ever had somebody look at you with a dirty look so you give them one back just because they gave you one?  We interact with each other all day but most people do not actively try to be friendlier, more welcoming, or neighborly.  Many of us don't even know who our neighbors are!  Just as indifference and animosity are contagious though, so are warmth and friendliness.  A simple smile in a strangers direction, holding a door, helping carry groceries, all of these things make the world a better place just a little bit at a time, but they add up.  This timebank was created to put value back on what really makes the world go around - us!  As many people in the Newburgh community are unemployed or underemployed, this timebank can serve as a place to get our needs met without needing a ton of money to do it.  By helping others, we strengthen the fabric of our community and, in return, we can have our individual needs met.  For example, let's say Pedro has a bad back and cannot afford to hire a plow truck to plow his driveway when it snows.  He lacks the means to remove snow from his driveway in the winter time, but he has many other skills and talents that can contribute to others.  So Pedro joins the timebank and decides to teach Spanish to a group of timebankers who are interested in learning.  The hours Pedro spends teaching Spanish is multiplied by how many people he teaches and Pedro racks up time credits quickly.  Pedro can then post a request for someone to shovel his driveway when it snows.  A young man responds to the request and earns time credits for the time he spends shoveling snow for Pedro.  The young man then spends his time credits to get tutoring in Algebra from a retired math teacher who uses her time credits to have someone drive her to the airport.  The circles of giving go on in an endless cycle, everyone is getting their needs met, they are helping each other and building a better community, and not a cent has changed hands!  The Together We Can - Newburgh Timebank has the potential to really do something great for our community but it's strength is only as great as the people who join it and use the platform - people like you!  So thank you for joining, please complete your profile so other's can get more acquainted with you and don't forget to post a few needs and offers of your own to get the ball rolling.  Periodically, we will have group activities that multiple timebankers can participate in on a grand scale to earn time credits and non-profit organizations can join to post group projects.  Keep an eye on the requests that non-profit organizations put up and look at the "Alerts" section in the upper right hand of the site for large-scale projects and other important items.  There are some rules to participating in the timebank, they are as follows:   

The requirements of the Together We Can Time Bank are that individuals, families, or organizations joining this time bank be located in Newburgh, NY or in a neighboring town or city.  For those outside the greater Newburgh area, membership in our sister time bank, The Hudson Valley Hour Exchange, is recommended.  For more information on The Hudson Valley Hour Exchange, visit:   

Individual members of the Together We Can Timebank must be at least 18 years of age.  Community members under the age of 18 can participate in the time bank via a household membership in Together We Can Time Bank.  All time-banking activities for individuals under 18 years of age must be approved by a legal guardian.  Together We Can Timebank members shall speak with a minor's legal guardian prior to exchanging with the household if the youth will be performing a service unsupervised by the legal guardians of the household.  

All time banking exchanges must be done for free.  No monetary payment shall be exchanged between members for services exchanged.  Additionally, no physical goods shall be exchanged as "payment" for services of a Together We Can Timebank member.  Payment for services exchanged in the Together We Can Time Bank shall be in the form of time credits only.  

Members of the Together We Can Timebank are asked to meet with a Together We Can Timebank administrator to fill out an asset-based skills and interests inventory.  Many people do not realize the skills they possess and how valuable these skills can be to others.  Simple things like yard work, driving, grocery shopping, or cooking are all skills that can be offered in the Together We Can - Newburgh Timebank and can be greatly helpful and beneficial to others.  We ask that all of our members complete a Together We Can asset-based skills and interests inventory to learn how they may be able to contribute to the time bank and support others in the greater Newburgh community.  

Thank you for being willing to step-up and contribute to your community through time banking.  We look forward to seeing you at a Together We Can Timebank event!  If you have any question, comments, suggestions, or other items for discussion, please don't hesitate to contact an administrator of the Together We Can Timebank.  Together we can build a stronger Newburgh.  Together We Can!  


Damian M. DePauw and The Together We Can Time Bank team.